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The wolf Club 

The Wolf Club consist of husband and wife Amber and Dillon Howling. We live in the seaside city of Brighton, with one beautiful dog named Margo. We're on a mission to highlight an overlooked perspective. We're focusing on the joys found in the simplicities of life and aim to draw a smile on your face. ​You'll often find foliage, chairs and people within our illustrations. 

We strive to keep our illustrations relatable, whimsical and aesthetically pleasing. 

Here at The Wolf Club we have these simple rules to follow:

- Get plenty of rest

- Look after your drawing hand

- Keep your eyes peeled for inspiration 

- Live simply

- Speak to animals like humans

- Play a tune that slaps

- Always have an emergency beverage on your person

- Look after your surroundings 

- Enjoy what you do

- Be prolific

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